Mendocino Redwood Retreat – Home

Mendocino Redwood Retreat is nestled between the beautiful redwood trees of Mendocino County in Albion, California. It is located just one mile from the Pacific Ocean. It currently has the capacity to sleep 47 campers with the a vision to expand. It has five cabins, a beautiful chapel and a lodge with a commercial kitchen. The bathhouse has two showers in both the male and female sides.

Mendocino Redwood Retreat has had the great pleasure of having youth groups, men and women’s retreats, church retreats, children camps, the famous Camp Rubber Soul, family reunions, scrapbookers, weddings, and public school educational field trips.

Mendocino Redwood Retreat has been operating as a non-profit retreat for over 25 years. It was started over 30 years ago with the vision of serving youth and handicapped individuals. In fact, many youth groups came from all over the United States to build the buildings that are currently on the 27 acres.

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