Mendocino Redwood Retreat
Approved by the Board of Directors
March 7, 2001 (updated February 2019)
The Mendocino Redwood Retreat serves churches, families, businesses, choral groups, children and youth groups, schools, civic groups, teachers associations, and others such as request the use of our facilities, agree to dates, rates and camper numbers as negotiated with the Camp Directors, and comply with the following policies as adopted and implemented by the Mendocino Redwood Retreat Board of Directors.

Camp property is a violence free zone. Games, toys, videos, music or anything else that promote violence, war, racism, prejudice or bigotry are not allowed on the property. Fighting is not allowed. Guns, knives and other weapons are strictly prohibited and will be immediately confiscated by the Camp Directors.

Smoking is strongly discouraged on camp property for numerous health and safety reasons. It is not allowed under any conditions inside any camp building or structure. Please crush all cigarettes with fingers making sure no sparks or embers survive and properly dispose of the remaining butts. All fireworks are strictly prohibited.

Camp property is likewise deemed free from gambling and other gaming activities such as are deemed illegal by state and federal laws and/or are contrary to basic standards of decency and traditional Christian norms.

Vulgarity, obscenity, nudity, pornography or other forms of demeaning speech, symbols and displays are not allowed. All campers are expected to treat each other and camp employees with respect and decency.

Religious signs, symbols and messages should not, under any circumstances, be removed. We are a Christian camp. These symbols and messages are integral to our habits of faith and practice and are not to be considered optional “décor” and thus removed or covered over. Temporary signs reflecting your own traditions may be erected by consultation with the Camp Directors.

Campers and guests should respect the privacy of the Camp Directors, other campers, and neighbors by observing common sense with regard to noise, traffic and other disturbances. This is especially critical in the early morning and late night hours.

The Camp Chapel is dedicated as a house of prayer, study and worship. Please respect these intentions and reserve games, play and other activities not consistent with Chapel Purposes for elsewhere on camp property.

Lodge and cabin furniture, beds, and game tables, etc., are not to be moved or rearranged except by permission of the Camp Director. Buildings, structures and trees are not to be climbed, altered or defaced in anyway.

All wild and domestic animals including birds, squirrels, deer, etc. are not to be fed, hunted, harassed or harmed in any way. Likewise trees, flowers, moss, ferns, creeks, rocks and other aspects of the coastal ecology are to be left intact.

Personal property and belongings left behind at the camp will be held in the Camp Office “Lost and Found” for thirty (30) days after which said items will be given to a local thrift shop or otherwise disposed.

All contracts, deposits and other pertinent information must be submitted to the camp office at least fourteen (14) days before your arrival. Under no circumstances should you consider a calendar date to be confirmed until the camp office has acknowledged receipt of your registration and cleaning deposits. Cleaning deposits will be returned at the discretion of the Camp Directors, only by mail, and within roughly two weeks following your departure.

Please leave your family pets at home.